Medical Assistance :

Proper healthcare is one of the basic rights of every human being. The limited Infrastructure of our Healthcare System has always been a barrier for providing basic healthcare to majority of our population. In order to augment our Healthcare System, community level intervention is required to bridge the gap. Our interventions include providing monthly medical assistance in the form of prescribed medicines, conducting medical camps in both online and offline mode, medical counseling, emergency medical help in case of a Natural Disaster, outbreak or a Pandemic etc. Our team identifies the right beneficiary after due verification through our team on the ground to ensure timely delivery of the medical assistance. In the present context of COVID 19 Pandemic, our focus has been to procure Oxygen related equipments like Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders, Oximeters, etc to provide uninterrupted supply of oxygen to mild and critically ill patients.

Livelihood Sustenance:

This is one of the most neglected aspects of the social work. People who are socially and economically downtrodden don’t just need a onetime help but a consistent monthly allowance to sustain their household. Under our Livelihood Assistance, if a family member is capable of carrying out a small business or possesses a certain set of skills, our team does the handholding in getting the right equipment, technology and assistance in the market outreach. Under this initiative we take care in helping them to carry out their business successfully with regular monitoring and periodic guidance. The Livelihood includes and is not limited to home based weaving, stitching, bag making, dry fruit packing, foodkarts etc that provides employment to both male and female members of a household and makes them self sufficient.

Educational Assistance:

The Right to education is one of the basic rights of every individual and we are committed to provide educational assistance to the deserving students of the marginalized sections of our society. Under this component, apart from sponsoring the education up to primary and high school, we provide scholarship assistance to University level education both in as well as outside the country. Besides, we carry out educational assistance and counseling programmes to create awareness among the students about higher education in foreign Universities as well as the prospective career opportunities.

Contingent Emergency Response:

Being vulnerable to multiple disasters like Floods, earthquakes, fire, landslides, cloudburst etc, this component deals with the response at the grassroots level. The first responder being the community needs to be prepared to face any calamity whether natural or man-made and our aim is to prepare the community through through awareness, training camps and periodic mock drills besides providing emergency assistance at the time of disaster.